Stefan’s photography is about freedom, youth culture, fun, adventure. His open personality helps him to easily bond with people, create natural, authentic and unique images. In Stefan's storytelling the viewer is always part of the group, not a distant observer. It’s about creating a chemistry between photographer and protagonists that leads to an effortless and playful visualisation of an idea. His intuitive way of lighting and framing combined with his way of directing the protagonists helps him to create an authentic and cinematographic storytelling. His work includes lifestyle, portrait and hair. Stefan lives and works in Hamburg and Shanghai, and he has been shooting for national and international clients, both as photographer and filmmaker/DOP.

Clients: adidas, Budweiser, Board Bia, Coca Cola, Dove, ECE, Gauloises, Godiva, Herbal Essences, Huawei, Iglo, Jägermeister, Lidl, Mercedes Benz, Mini,, Minute Maid, New Balance, Nike, Nio, Panthene, Procter & Gamble, Rejoice, Schweppes, Starbucks, Tom Tailor, Vidal Sassoon, ZDF and more